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AMSOIL Antifreeze & Coolant is a premium-quality automotive coolant designed to provide exceptional protection for your vehicle’s cooling system. It is formulated using advanced organic acid technology (OAT) to offer long-lasting corrosion protection for various metals and alloys found in modern engines.

Here are some key features and benefits of AMSOIL Antifreeze & Coolant:

  1. Corrosion Protection: It provides excellent protection against corrosion for all cooling system components, including aluminum, cast iron, steel, copper, and solder alloys. This helps extend the life of the cooling system and prevents costly repairs.
  2. Extended Service Life: AMSOIL Antifreeze & Coolant offers an extended service life of up to 150,000 miles or 5 years, whichever comes first, when used as recommended. This reduces the frequency of coolant changes, saving time and money on maintenance.
  3. Compatibility: It is compatible with all other colors of coolant and can be used with both conventional and extended-life coolants without causing damage to the cooling system.
  4. Freeze and Boil Protection: This coolant provides reliable freeze protection in cold temperatures and boil protection in hot conditions, ensuring optimal engine performance in various climates.
  5. Non-Toxic Formula: It is formulated without the use of toxic ingredients such as silicates, nitrates, borates, phosphates, or amines, making it safer for the environment and for handling.
  6. Low Conductivity: AMSOIL Antifreeze & Coolant has low electrical conductivity, which helps reduce the risk of electrolysis and coolant degradation, prolonging the life of the cooling system components.
  7. Easy Maintenance: It can be easily mixed with water for convenient top-ups or coolant changes, following the manufacturer’s recommendations for the proper coolant-to-water ratio.

Overall, AMSOIL Antifreeze & Coolant offers superior protection, extended service life, and compatibility with various cooling system components, making it an excellent choice for maintaining optimal engine performance and durability.



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