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AMSOIL Upper Cylinder Lubricant is a specialized formula designed to enhance the performance and longevity of gasoline engines. It is engineered to provide lubrication and protection to the upper cylinders, intake valves, and fuel injectors. This lubricant is particularly beneficial for modern direct-injection engines where fuel delivery occurs directly into the combustion chamber.

Key features and benefits of AMSOIL Upper Cylinder Lubricant include:

  1. Lubrication: The formula contains potent lubricating agents that help reduce friction and wear on critical engine components, such as piston rings and cylinder walls. This promotes smoother operation and extends the engine’s lifespan.
  2. Deposit Control: It effectively cleans and prevents the buildup of carbon deposits on intake valves and fuel injectors. By maintaining cleanliness, it helps sustain optimal engine performance and fuel efficiency.
  3. Corrosion Protection: The lubricant forms a protective barrier against corrosion and rust formation on metal surfaces, safeguarding the engine from moisture and acidic byproducts of combustion.
  4. Fuel Stabilization: AMSOIL Upper Cylinder Lubricant also stabilizes fuel, which is particularly useful for engines that are occasionally used or stored for extended periods. It helps prevent fuel degradation, varnish formation, and gum buildup in the fuel system.
  5. Compatibility: It is compatible with all types of gasoline, including ethanol-blended fuels, and does not affect fuel quality or octane rating.
  6. Easy Application: The product can be easily added to the fuel tank during refueling, making it convenient for regular maintenance.

Overall, AMSOIL Upper Cylinder Lubricant is formulated to improve engine performance, protect against wear and deposits, and prolong the life of gasoline engines, making it an essential addition to the maintenance routine of any vehicle or equipment powered by gasoline engines.



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