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TOTACHI 15W40 Heavy Duty Diesel is a motor oil that is specifically formulated for use in diesel engines. Here is a general description of the product:

  • Viscosity Grade: The “15W-40” designation refers to the viscosity grade of the oil. This multi-grade oil maintains its thickness across a wide range of temperatures, providing good performance in both cold and hot conditions.
  • Engine Compatibility: It is designed for use in heavy-duty diesel engines, typically found in trucks, construction equipment, agricultural machinery, and other industrial vehicles.
  • Performance: The oil offers protection against engine wear, deposits, and sludge, helping to maintain engine cleanliness and performance over time. It may also provide good thermal stability and oxidation resistance.
  • Additive Package: TOTACHI 15W40 Heavy Duty Diesel likely includes a high-quality additive package that helps enhance its performance by providing anti-wear, anti-corrosion, and anti-oxidation properties.
  • API Certification: Check for the API (American Petroleum Institute) certification to ensure it meets industry standards for quality and performance.
  • Protection: The oil aims to protect diesel engines under various conditions, including high loads and temperatures, making it suitable for demanding environments.

When using any motor oil, always refer to the engine manufacturer’s recommendations for the appropriate oil specifications and maintenance intervals. This ensures optimal engine performance and longevity.



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