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TOTACHI ATF Multi Vehicle LV is a type of automatic transmission fluid (ATF) designed for use in a wide range of vehicles. It is formulated to meet the requirements of various automatic transmission systems, providing smooth shifting performance and optimal protection for transmission components.

Key features and benefits of TOTACHI ATF Multi Vehicle LV may include:

  1. Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with a variety of automatic transmission systems, including those in passenger cars, light trucks, and commercial vehicles.
  2. Smooth Shifting: The fluid’s advanced formulation helps ensure smooth and precise shifting, enhancing driving comfort and performance.
  3. Wear Protection: Provides excellent protection against wear and tear on transmission components, extending the lifespan of the transmission system.
  4. Thermal Stability: Maintains viscosity and performance over a wide range of operating temperatures, ensuring consistent transmission operation in varying conditions.
  5. Oxidation Resistance: Resists oxidation and thermal breakdown, helping to maintain fluid integrity and prolonging the service life of the ATF.
  6. Friction Modification: Contains additives to optimize friction characteristics, promoting efficient power transfer and minimizing transmission slippage.
  7. Seal Compatibility: Formulated to be compatible with various sealing materials used in transmission systems, reducing the risk of leaks and ensuring proper sealing performance.

Overall, TOTACHI ATF Multi Vehicle LV is a versatile transmission fluid designed to meet the demanding requirements of modern automatic transmission systems, providing reliable performance and protection for a wide range of vehicles.



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