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Totachi Multi Type CVTF Oil | Gear Oil | 4 Litre

CVT MULTI-TYPE is a universal fully synthetic automatic transmission fluid specifically designed for Continuously Variable Transmissions (CVT) gearbox type. Meets the demanding requirements of American, European, Japanese, Korean and other Asian car makers requiring a CVT fluid. Suitable for use in vehicles with either chain or belt pulleys CVT gearbox designs. Formulated with effective anti- shudder component to avoid vibrations and increase the driving comfort.

ATF CVT MULTI-TYPE protects gears that are of complex, compact and heavily loaded designs. Ensures good CVT performance in wide range of operating temperatures, enable accurate transfer of torque, prevents belt & chain slippage, making it the right choice of fluid.

Durable transmission life
Good air release characteristics to maintain effective lubrication even in severe driving conditions. Ensures gear wear protection to prolong the life of the transmission.

Outstanding fuel efficiency
Well balanced friction properties for an improved power transfer performance of a rigorous requirement of a CVT gearbox design.

Noiseless gear shifts
With carefully selected components to effectively reduce noise during gear shifts for quitter driving and ultimate driving comfort.

Optimum drain intervals
Shear stable to prevent oil film breakdown for a guaranteed performance and maximum fluid life in a sophisticated CVT technology during the oil life service


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